Practical Solutions For Every Tax Issue

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

Initial Consultation Phase: Whether the Government has begun sending notices or not, the first step for those facing a tax problem is to seek professional guidance. These issues will not disappear, and often, acting quickly can lead to a more favorable resolution.

During the initial consultation phase, Joseph Pearman will collect as much relevant information as possible, answer all questions to the best of his ability, and propose one or more strategies for resolution.

The focus of the initial consultation phase is to ensure that clients leave with a full understanding of the extent of their tax problem and what will be required to resolve it. Whether clients decide to retain the services of Joseph Pearman, Attorney at Law, or not, they will gain the necessary knowledge.

Implementing The Strategy

Pre-Resolution Phase: If a client does retain Joseph Pearman, then the process of implementing the specific strategy proposed in the initial consultation phase begins.

During the pre-resolution phase, more detailed information collected, forms and filings are drafted, and preparation, for negotiation with the government, begins.

The focus of the pre-resolution phase is always to limit the overall financial impact on the client in terms of attorney fees and the resolution with the Goverment.

Getting Your Life Back On Track

Resolution Phase: Based on what the law allows, Joseph Pearman will do everything possible to get the Government to agree to his proposed strategy.

During the resolution phase, Joseph Pearman will negotiate the outcome that offers his client the most benefit while also limiting the overall financial impact.

The focus of the resolution phase is the end goal of all the time, effort, and money spent — a favorable and equitable result for the client.

Joseph Pearman, Attorney at Law: A Trustworthy Resource

Post-Resolution Phase: Even when a favorable resolution is successfully negotiated, Joseph Pearman’s work, in protecting his client is not finished.

During the post-resolution phase, Joseph Pearman will monitor the case for as long as necessary, to ensure that the negotiated resolution is fully and completely implemented.

The focus of the post-resolution phase is to ensure that, according to the negotiated resolution, the Government is no longer pursuing the client.

Clients may also wish to avail themselves of additional post-resolution services, such as a Withdrawal of Notice of Federal Tax Lien.

Embark On Your Financial Recovery

Joseph Pearman is committed to guiding his clients through each phase of their journey toward financial stability and peace of mind. The path to a resolved tax situation begins today.

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