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Address Your IRS Tax Disputes With A Trusted Indiana Tax Lawyer’s Help

Facing the IRS in a tax dispute can feel daunting, but with the right legal guidance, the tide can turn in your favor. Joseph Pearman, Attorney at Law, rooted in the heart of Indiana, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in all matters of IRS tax disputes, appeals and resolutions.

Attorney Pearman understands the complexities of tax law and is dedicated to advocating for his clients’ rights every step of the way – from Crown Point to Fishers and elsewhere in Indiana, as well as across state lines into Illinois.

Did You Receive An IRS Assessment?

An IRS assessment is the formal determination of your tax liability. If you’ve received any notices such as CP14, CP501, CP502, CP503 or CP504, these are initial steps in the IRS collection process, indicating that you owe tax. Understanding your notice is crucial:

  • CP14: The first notice that you have a balance due.
  • CP501: A reminder of the tax owed.
  • CP502: Another reminder, with increased urgency.
  • CP503: A final notice before further action.
  • CP504: Intent to levy state tax refund or other property.

Responding to these tax assessments can be intricate, which is why having an attorney to guide you is invaluable.

Did You Receive A Notice Of Federal Tax Lien?

With a federal tax lien, the government makes a legal claim against your property after you have allegedly neglected or failed to pay taxes due. This notice can affect your credit, asset ownership and business operations. Addressing a lien promptly is essential to prevent it from escalating into a levy.

Did You Receive A Notice Of Intent To Levy From The IRS?

A notice of intent to levy signifies the IRS’s plan to seize your property to satisfy a tax debt. It is one of the final steps in the IRS enforcement process, and immediate action is required to protect your assets and rights.

An Effective Approach To Resolving Your IRS Tax Disputes

In working with the IRS, attorney Joseph Pearman leverages a comprehensive strategy:

  • Thorough assessment of your tax dispute case
  • Personalized approach to your unique financial situation
  • Diligent pursuit of a fair appeals process
  • Exploration of all potential resolutions

In collaboration with you, he recommends a resolution and helps you through it step by step.

Take Control Of Your Tax Problems

Don’t let IRS disputes overwhelm you. Joseph Pearman, Attorney at Law, is here to shoulder the burden and guide you through to a resolution. If you’re in Indiana or the neighboring areas and require assistance, attorney Pearman is ready to help. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact the firm at 219-224-5499 or follow this contact link.

Remember, when it comes to IRS tax disputes, you’re not alone. Let attorney Pearman be your ally in navigating these challenging waters.