Practical Solutions For Every Tax Issue

Determined Legal Advocacy

For Federal tax matters, geography is irrelevant.  Joseph Pearman has represented taxpayers from down the street to as far away as Hong Kong and Australia.  For State tax matters, Joseph Pearman is admitted to the Indiana Bar and the Illinois Bar.  Joseph Pearman is well-versed in the intricacies of dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, the Indiana Department of Revenue, and the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Individual and business taxpayers, dealing with Federal and/or State tax issues, often feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the laws as well as the sheer power of the taxing agency on the other side. Joseph Pearman, with offices in Crown Point and Fishers, Indiana, is an established, experienced Tax Controversy law attorney that personally guides each of his clients through their tax problem situation to a final resolution. Joseph Pearman is an unrelenting advocate for all of his clients.

Tax controversies can feel like facing a Goliath; they are battles of rules, facts, numbers, and a lot of other nuances wherein whoever presents and defends their position the best typically prevails. Since 2002, Joseph Pearman, at the helm of his distinguished law firm, has dedicated his career to helping distressed taxpayers prevail.

Personalized Cost Effective Service

Joseph Pearman is committed to client service. Joseph Pearman works every case with a tailored strategy designed to meet the specific needs of that particular client. By combining a thorough knowledge of tax law with a personalized touch, Joseph Pearman instills confidence in clients, assuring them that their tax matters are in capable hands.

When tax troubles loom, Joseph Pearman, supported by qualified tax consultants, with decades of prior experience at the Internal Revenue Service, develops and implements legal strategies that address each client’s unique circumstances with the overall goal of achieving a result that minimizes the client’s cost, in terms of payment to the Government, as well as the payment of attorney fees.

Rest Assured

Clients can take comfort in knowing that Joseph Pearman has:

  • been providing favorable resolutions, for his clients, for over two decades;
  • amassed an impressive resume, of favorable resolutions, for his clients; and
  • customized payment options available so to assure that no taxpayer is denied outstanding, experienced legal representation.

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