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Joseph Pearman, Attorney at Law, provides practical solutions to Federal, Indiana, and Illinois tax problems.

Decades Of Experience Serving Individuals And Businesses With Tax And Tax-Related Problems

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An Experienced Tax Attorney Standing Up To The Administrative Agency Bullies

Everyone hates bullies. The Government is like any other bully – it picks on and intimidates those who can’t defend themselves. Joseph Pearman has more than two decades of experience and legal expertise to stand up to the bullies at the Internal Revenue Service, the Indiana Department of Revenue, and the Illinois Department of Revenue.

A tax collection matter can often become a complicated mess. Whether yours is a personal tax delinquency, a business tax delinquency, or any other type of tax-related matter, trying to resolve it on your own will prove to be an exhausting and daunting experience. Joseph Pearman’s experience, knowledge, and training affords him the ability to know how to navigate the procedural complexities, of even the most convoluted Tax Controversies, to a successful resolution.

An Impeccable Reputation For Successful Results

Based on the impressive results for his clients, Joseph Pearman has established an impeccable reputation as the legal advocate taxpayers turn to when they need to resolve their tax problems, for as little as possible.

Whether it be an Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreement, Currently Not Collectible, Penalty Abatement, or something out of the box creative, Joseph Pearman has consistently delivered favorable results for his clients. Such results translate into substantial client savings in terms of what the Government receives and in terms of attorney fees.

This track record of success is no mere coincidence; it’s the product of Joseph Pearman’s strategic legal acumen and his unwavering commitment to his clients. When the stakes are high and every dollar counts, Joseph Pearman stands ready to vigorously represent his clients before the Internal Revenue Service, the Indiana Department of Revenue, and the Illinois Department of Revenue.

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