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Addressing Tax Disputes And Levies In Indiana And Illinois

Challenging the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the state Department of Revenue in Indiana or Illinois may seem an insurmountable task to the unaided taxpayer. However, residents of Indiana and Illinois have the option to turn to Joseph Pearman, Attorney at Law, for guidance through the complexities of tax collections and disputes.

With years of experience, attorney Pearman has been helping clients resolve federal, Indiana and Illinois tax disputes since 2002, including preventing or reversing tax levies. He focuses on guiding clients through the appeals process toward possible resolutions when they owe large amounts of back taxes.

Can A Tax Levy Be Placed On Your Paycheck?

Indeed, a tax levy can target your paycheck, allowing the government to claim a share of your earnings to cover unpaid taxes. Attorney Pearman can help you understand your rights and take appropriate actions to mitigate the impact of a paycheck levy.

Can A Tax Levy Be Placed On Your Bank Account?

Much like your paycheck, your bank account is also vulnerable to a tax levy. When this happens, funds may be frozen, causing immediate financial distress. Attorney Pearman can provide the necessary legal support to help you address and potentially release the levy.

How Do You Prevent A Tax Levy?

Preventing a tax levy involves proactive engagement with your tax obligations and seeking timely legal counsel. Attorney Joseph Pearman’s approach includes:

  • Detailed consultation with clients to prevent potential tax levies.
  • A commitment to exploring all avenues to resolve tax disputes.
  • Offering flexible payment options tailored to each client’s circumstances.

His practice extends across Crown Point and Fishers in Indiana, and into Illinois, making his legal services accessible to a wide range of clients.

Attorney Pearman’s Methodology In Tax Dispute Resolution

Attorney Pearman believes in a transparent, client-focused approach to tax law. His methodology is built upon the following:

  • In-depth knowledge of federal, Indiana, and Illinois tax regulations.
  • A commitment to exploring every resolution path during the appeals process.
  • A personalized strategy for each client’s unique tax dispute case.

Do not assume there is no hope for your case. This is rarely true.

Ready To Resolve Your Tax Disputes?

Understanding your options is the first step toward resolving tax disputes. Attorney Joseph Pearman is prepared to offer the guidance and representation you need to prevent or reverse tax liens or levies.

If you are in Crown Point or Fishers, Indiana, or the neighboring Indiana or Illinois areas, and you require assistance with tax controversies, please call 219-224-5499 or complete an online inquiry form to learn more or schedule a consultation.